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Avocado Everything Toast 1

Happy Spring, guys! To celebrate this wonderful season of growth and rebirth and greenery, I’m bringing you this recipe for the dashingly spring-hued Avocado Everything Toast, which also happens to be one of the BEST things I have ever tasted in my life.

What makes this avocado toast “Everything” toast? It’s topped with Everything bagel seasoning!

I got the idea to put Everything seasoning on avocado toast from the bagel club at my corporate day job. As you may imagine, this weekly Friday excuse to gorge on carbs is a beacon of radiance in our dreary cubicle nation, even for a non-club-member like me. Because while I try to stay away from those white-flour-laden, conventionally-made bagels, often I can’t resist smuggling a leftover one home with me at the end of the day, or some kind soul buys an extra for me. And when those scenarios play out, it’s all about the Everything Bagel for me, my Holy Grail variety.

For all of my fellow Everything lovers, what IS it about that seasoning that makes it so irresistible? It’s that vibrant flavor punch it packs, of course: that coarse salt, those potent dried onion and garlic flakes, those crunchy poppy and sesame seeds! How can one not be obsessed with it?

Another food I’ve been consumed with lately is avocadoes. We’ve enjoyed a love affair for years, but I’ve especially indulged my adoration of them over the last few weeks, because I feel as though I’m finally able to detect when one is ideally ripe, an art that had heretofore eluded me. I mean, how tricky is it to peg a perfect avocado? There’s nothing sadder than peeling the skin off of an avocado you expect to be perfectly ripe and finding its flesh blemished with black spots of rot! I’ve learned to let them go for less time than I previously felt was ideal – and that’s actually working quite well. So I’m taking advantage of my newfound knowledge and unabashedly eating them – and enjoying the heck out of it.

I made the Everything seasoning-and-avocado connection because I was thinking of how much I love my Everything bagels toasted and spread with butter – and avocado is basically a vegan butter, right? Except that it’s even BETTER than butter because it’s loaded with beneficial vitamins and nutrients, fiber, and goodie monounsaturated fat!

Avocado Everything Toast 2

This marriage of avocadoes and Everything seasoning proved to be as amazing as I expected it to be – better, actually. With my first bite, I found myself thinking, “Wow – this is one of the best things I have EVER eaten!!!!” Sprinkled with salty, garlicky, onion-y, crunchy goodness, the thick-spread, creamy avocado on top of toasted Sesame Ezekial Bread (which I prefer over regular bread because it’s made with sprouted whole grains rather than flour) was incredibly satisfying.

Who says healthy can’t be satisfying? I dare that naysayer to try this Avocado Everything Toast!

A fun fact about this recipe? I subbed chia seeds for poppy seeds – because why not? The two seeds are so similar in taste, and chia seeds are such powerful little buggers, loaded with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and beneficial vitamins and minerals such as calcium, manganese, and phosphorus. So YAY to that.

And YAY to the Everything-seasoning portion of the recipe making enough to sprinkle onto multiple servings of avocado toast! Store it in a sealed container, and you are golden.

OK, on to the recipe and creamy, crunchy, savory goodness!

Avocado Everything Toast

-2 pieces bread, toasted

-1 avocado

Everything seasoning:

-1 tbs. minced dried garlic

-1 tbs. minced dried onion

-1 tbs. sesame seeds

-1 tbs. chia seeds

-2 tsp. kosher salt or other coarse salt

Toast the bread according to your desired doneness. Mash the avocado flesh in a bowl and spread it onto the toast. Mix the spices together and liberally sprinkle the resulting Everything seasoning onto the toast. And you’re done! You have a delicious, filling, and nutritious breakfast to power you through your day!

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