Chicken Pita Wrap with Spinach, Red Bell Pepper, and Hummus

Chicken Pita Wrap with Spinach, Red Bell Pepper, and Hummus 1

Hiya, all! Today I’m sharing this super-simple-to-assemble, six-ingredient Chicken Pita Wrap with Spinach, Red Bell Pepper, and Hummus. Because let’s face it: sometimes we really, really just want a sandwich . . . or a sandwich-esque item. Wraps are essentially rolled-up sandwiches, right?

Sandwiches are the simplest form of comfort food (besides ice cream right out of the carton, of course). They’re unassuming: build-and-go. You can put pretty much anything you want in them (peanut butter-and-olives, anyone? I’ve heard it’s a thing!). And you can prep certain items used in them ahead of time – such as the cooked chicken breast in this recipe – so you have them when you’re ready.

Traditional stuff-between-two-pieces-of-bread sandwiches are awesome. But for whatever reason, I’ve always found wraps to be more fun. Maybe it’s the oft-elusive challenge of keeping the fillings from falling out of the end of them that entices me? Whatever the why, making this sandwich as a wrap gave me an excuse to tear into some soft, pillowy pita bread – and I will take any excuse to eat pita bread that I can take!

It also gave me yet another reason to consume fresh veggies that I love: spinach, red bell peppers, red onion. All of that vibrant, brightly-hued flavor = yes, please!

And hummus – hummus is LIIIIFE to me! I used to be a lot more obsessed with it and hadn’t had any in a long time prior to this recipe. Finding a non-GMO white-bean hummus at the grocery store (by the Eat Well Embrace Life brand – I highly recommend it!), I was quickly reminded of how addictive I find the stuff to be when I sat down with the intention of having a taste or two of it and ended up making a big dent into it. I did this on two separate occasions, threatening to eat the whole lot of it before the sandwich was even assembled! Whoops. This is probably why I don’t keep hummus in my house on a regular basis anymore.

If you are interested in making your own hummus for this sandwich instead of going the store-bought route, may I recommend my White Bean and Fresh Thyme Hummus recipe?

Speaking of homemade endeavors, I think the next thing I’m going to have to try my hand at is making pita bread from scratch. I was disheartened when I was shopping for some at my local market and couldn’t find a variety that didn’t include some sort of BS-sounding gobbledy-gook ingredient or three. I reluctantly chose one but vowed to myself that I would go home and look into available recipes online. A plethora of options came up during my search, including this one from Half Baked Harvest. It’s a simple-sounding five-ingredient version that I will most definitely be trying out, because there is nothing I like more than food with the baddie-stuff removed!

Chicken Pita Wrap with Spinach, Red Bell Pepper, and Hummus 2

Chicken Pita Wrap with Spinach, Red Bell Pepper, and Hummus

-1 large pita bread round

-1/4 cup hummus

-1 handful fresh spinach

-1/2 of a red bell pepper, cut into slices lengthwise

-Sliced red onion – amount per your preference

-1 cooked skinless chicken breast, sliced

Slather one side of the pita bread with the hummus. Layer on the spinach, bell pepper, onion, and chicken breast – and that’s it! Wrap up that bad boy and enjoy!

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